Stone facades

Stone facades

Form-Cement technology. Stamped stone.

If the project of your house provides for the use of stone on the facade. Or are you planning to trim some part of your house with a stone outside. Then the most optimal for our weather conditions will apply the technology of finishing Form-Cement. The main difference from the usual decorative stone - stamped stone is made directly on the wall.

This technology is part of the world’s rapidly gaining popularity of stamped (molded) plaster and stamped concrete technology. The rapidly growing popularity is ensured by many factors. Such as unlimited design solutions, opportunities for application, reliability, durability, etc.

The technology for making the stone is as follows: A special plaster mix based on white cement, 1.5 cm thick, is applied to the wall and molded (stamped) with special rubber molds (dies). It turns out 100% imitation stone masonry. Then the surface is painted in the desired color.



The technology has a number of significant advantages over the usual decorative or natural stone.


Use in wet facade systems

мокрый фасад


  1. adhesive layer for bonding insulation
  2. insulation: mineral wool or polystyrene plates
  3. facade dowel
  4. base reinforced layer with fiberglass
  5. stone (plaster) Form-Cement

The main advantages are:

  • 1) A complete base coating without joints, crevices, gaps. That limits the ingress of moisture under the finish. And as it is known, water turning into ice is a major factor in the destruction of any coating. Read more about the causes of destruction.
  • 2) Low specific weight, which allows to use the coating in the systems of the wet facade, i.e. on a heater. Insulation can be all types of facade insulation.
  • 3) The ability to reproduce the shape and color of any stone.


The warranty on the work performed and materials 5 years.

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