Form-Cement is a decorative molding mixture based on white cement from which it is possible to make an imitation of a bulk stone, brick, wood, mosaic, etc.
It can be used for finishing residential and commercial premises, both inside and outside the premises. Including in places with increased operational load. Such as basements of buildings, places with high traffic, stoves, fireplaces, etc.
At observance of all recommendations about putting Form-Cement plaster. Finishing will serve throughout the whole life of the structure itself.
Painting is carried out with penetrating paints, which do not create a surface layer, but penetrate 1-1.5 mm deep. Accordingly, there is simply nothing to fall off and crack.
No. Because it affects the subsequent strength of the plaster. Therefore, the introduction of coloring pigments in the mass is possible, but not advisable. And upon receipt of mechanical damage to the finished surface. A small area can easily be painted over with any color suitable for the color.
Can! But you hardly will like the result.