Decorative stamped brick

Decorative stamped brick

Today, a brick wall has become an integral part of many modern interiors and not necessarily even a loft style. To dilute the monotony of the walls, it is appropriate in many solutions, even within the same space. But often the desire to apply a brick in the interior is faced with the difficulty to fit an existing brick on the market into the project. That color, the shape of a brick, the design of the walls does not allow it.

Form-Cement offers a more modern solution. This is a decorative stamped brick! This is a modern, eco-friendly and aesthetic coating that is suitable for many advanced interiors.

The technology for producing stamped bricks is as follows: A special cement mixture "Form-Cement" is applied with a thickness of 1.5 cm. It is stamped with rubber forms (cast taken from a brick wall). 100% imitation of a bricklaying turns out. Then the brick is painted in the desired color. More information about technology and characteristics can be found in the Technology section.

Here are some samples of our bricks:

Темно-серый кирпич
Старинный кирпич
Светло-серый кирпич
Светло-коричневый кирпич
Красный кирпич
Серый кирпич


The color of the seam and the color of the brick itself can be selected from the tinting catalogs. Surface decorative effects such as efflorescence, aging, and so on. also all at will. For example, these samples were carried out on the basis of photos from the site. In fact, you can play almost any brick that you like, by photo or sketch.

In the interior of this brick will look like this:



Advantages over typesetting options:

  1. The possibility of individual selection of painting bricks for the interior.
  2. Simulates an already finished brickwork, and not a brick separately.
  3. Solid monolithic coating without gaps, joints, gaps.
  4. The speed of the finish.
  5. Very attractive prices !!! In view of the work and materials.
  6. Warranty on materials and work for more than 10 years!


Our other works can be viewed in the PHOTO section.

Our brick will be a worthy element of a good interior !!!