Form Cement Finishing System

New finishing system

FORM-CEMENT  - is a polymer modified concrete mix, adapted for Russian conditions. With improved frost resistance. Allows to make a bulk stone, tile, brick, slate, wood.



FORM-CEMENT - non-flammable, environmentally friendly and durable coating. Does not require any additional maintenance costs. And it will be a long time to please the eye with its appearance.


The following are the main applications and features Form-Cement


  • When finishing residential and commercial premises, both inside and outside the premises. As well as facades, columns, arches, bar counters, stoves, fireplaces, etc.
  • The basis can be any surface - concrete, gas-foam concrete blocks, brickwork, polystyrene foam, chipboard, OSB, drywall.
  • In systems "wet facade". Due to its low specific weight and continuous coating, it forms a single surface with insulation, with a minimum load on it.
  • In places with increased operational load. Such as socles of buildings, chimneys, places with high traffic.

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